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Company Information

FanStar Sports has been existence since 1992, serving thousands and thousands of fantasy leagues. Many don't know our name, but if you did your research you will find over 45 different fantasy services on the internet use the FanStar engine to run their brand of fantasy sports.

Located in Phoenix, Arizona, FanStar has made its mark in the fantasy industry by pushing the envelope in site design, ease-of-use and customability. Our niche is presentation. We want our site to look like your site. Never will you see a FanStar logo or a flashing ad banner on any of our sites. Instead, we leave the customization up to you and your league.

Pushing to the future, FanStar is in development in new technologies to give the interface more the look and feel of a downloadable software product. It will also add more speed as well as a more robust graphical interface. We are aimed directly at making fantasy sports more of an interactive experience for you and your league.

Contact Information:
FanStar Sports, LLC
42104 N Venture Ct, Suite #118
Anthem, AZ 85086

Michael Gregoire, President and CEO
Marc Tableau, Editor-In-Chief
Steve Goin, Executive Editor
Bill Walker, Senior Editor
Greg Michaels, Public Relations/Marketing
Candi Stark, Office Manager

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FanStar Sports
3350 W Twain Ct.
Phoenix, AZ 85086