The Complete Fantasy Football League Experience

Why Choose FanStar Fantasy Football League Service?

We offer you the most bang for your buck. Our depth of structure in providing the tools you and your league members need is without peer

Main Site Report Modules

  • Add Your Own RSS Feed
  • YTD and/or Weekly Top Performers List
  • Team and Coach of the Week Awards
  • Power Rank Report
  • Everyone vs Everyone (one of those 'what if' things)
  • Last 30 transactions
  • Waiver Order
  • Timeline of transactions (adds,drops,starts,trades,etc.)
  • Last Visit Report (tracks team owner visits)
  • League Logo
  • Instagram Feed (defaults now to NFL feed)
  • League Standings (small or expanded)
  • Multiple Commish Commentary Blocks
  • Multiple Image blocks
  • Last Week, ThisWeek and/or Next Week's Scores
  • Trade Block
  • League Chat
  • Message Board Feature
  • League News feature (allows team owners to post
  • comments with an image)
  • NFL Scoreboard
  • Twitter feed (we have a default preloaded with a membership of NFL writers already)
  • News Feed

Online Draft Room Features

  • Live Ticker
  • Full color-coded Draft Board
  • Player Queue to lineup your players
  • List of Players with some serious Ranking research
  • ADP - Average Draft Position Sorting
  • Auto Pick Tool (Single Pick or Full Draft)
  • Chat box for team communication
  • Commissioner Interface to support a hybrid live and online draft
  • Rank your players or use our rankings
  • Draft room Cheat Sheet
  • Full Player Projections
  • Receive text or email notifications (for slow drafts that extend days)
  • Trade Draft Picks or Even Future Draft Picks

Customize Your Look

  • Choose from our 10 different layout templates
  • Customize the colors to anything
  • NFL Color schemes
  • Control what you want displayed on the main page
  • NO AD BANNERS or other distractions

26 Years of Excellence

Many dont recognize the brand name, as much of our business is rebranded as some of the top fantasy competitions in the country. Over the years we have served up thousands upon thousands of fantasy leagues. FanStar was one of the original pioneers of fantasy football, back before the internet was the internet and there was only Prodigy, Compuserve and AOL.


Get live scoring, set your lineups, make trades or draft from all your devices. Our interface adjusts perfectly to any screen: Laptop, tablet or phone.


Choose a standard scoring system or create a very unique one of your own. We got you covered.


Double headers, Victory Points, Multi-Conferences, Online or Offline Draft, Trade Players or Draft Picks, Waivers, Salary Caps or Free Agent Dollars, IDPs, Bestball, and so much more.

Setup a No-Obligation Fantasy League Site and give FanStar A Test Drive


Ways To Play

HEAD TO HEAD: By far the most popular, with a schedule you and your league mates playe each other during the season and end it with a fantasy playoff, which you can customize to your league rules.

TOTAL POINTS: Played simply by adding weekly point totals of each team to determine fantasy league champion.

video bg img FAST LIVE SCORING

More Unique Options

SURVIVOR MODE: Play by allowing your league team owners to choose any player each week, with the caveat that a player can only be chosen once to start and cannot be used again for the rest of the season. It can be played HEAD-TO-HEAD or TOTAL POINTS.

BESTBALL: This automated way of playing has the software scoring the optimum lineup for each team each week. No weekly lineups are set, as the software chooses from your complete roster the most point scoring players at the end of each week. It can be played HEAD-TO-HEAD or TOTAL POINTS.


One Low Cost: $49

You can pay from $89 to $149 for other sites. Or a lot have even tried the FREE sites, but end up paying by tolerating the annoying ad banners and constant email offers. Or maybe..., just maybe, for an average of $4 a team owner, you and your league mates can enjoy the game here and save yourself the frustration.

(Setup Your League First and Use the Link on the Setup Site To Pay)