Online Fantasy Baseball League Management

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  • Up to 32 teams/4 conferences
  • Live Scoring during all games
  • Rotisserie or Points Scoring
  • Automatic Scores/Results
  • Customizable/Flexible Scoring
  • Fast, Reliable Tech Support
  • Salaries, Contracts, League Acct
  • Auction or Draft Leagues (prerank)
  • Live Online Drafts or Offline Draft
  • Multiple methods of Player Movement
  • FAAB, Waivers, Injured Reserve, Farm
  • Choose from 20 site designs
  • Renew/Multi-League Discounts
  • Total Pts, Head-to-Head, Roto Categories, Roto H2H, Roto H2H Per Category
  • Coaching Efficiency Report
  • Value Rank Report
  • League History Report
  • What If.. Report
  • Weekly Rank/ Awards Report
  • Top Players Report
  • Last XX Weeks Report
  • Set Lineup Screen Analysis
  • and too many more to mention!!

Many Great Ways To Play

HEAD TO HEAD: Simply set the point values for each type of stat (i.e. hits, RBIs, runs) and create a schedule, draft your teams and you are good to go.

TOTAL POINTS: Same as above but without a schedule. League winnner is determined by year-to-date point total.

ROTISSERIE: A very popular way of playing, choosing scoring categories (i.e. AVG, ERA, WHIP, etc) and ranking each team's total in each of those categories with the rest of the league teams. Your total score is comprised of the reverse total rank of each category.

ROTISSERIE HEAD-TO-HEAD: Using the same category evaluation, you only compare against the team you are matched up against that week (not the whole league). The winner of the matchup is the team who wins the most categories.

ROTISSERIE HEAD-TO-HEAD / EACH CATEGORY: Very similar to the above in that you only compare against your opponent, except that you receive a 'win' for each category you win, and a 'loss' for each one you lose, and a 'tie' for each one you are tied.

More Unique Setup Options

PLAYER CHOICE: Choose National league only players, American league only players or Full MLB players. Also, besides the basic player positions (1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, C, P), we support starting/relief pitchers (SP/RP), center/left/right field (CF,LF,RF) and flex positions utility (UT), corner infielder (CI), middle infielder (MI), and utility infielder (UI).

SURVIVOR SUPPORT: Choose starters each week from all players.
Any team can have any player with the only rule that you can only use a player once (one week) for the season.

MULTIPLE GAME PERIODS: Choose to have your lineups/rosters be the same all year (annual);
or choose to change lineups weekly (Mon-Sun); or choose to set lineups twice a week (Mon-Thu; Fri-Sun)